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Please fill in the form below to send us a photo of your leather. We’ll try to help you choose a color.

*Please note*, Although we do our best to suggest dye color from a supplied photo, because of some limitations from digital media / photos (including potential under exposure, over exposure, blurriness, reflections, shadows, low light, too much light, camera setting etc). We can’t guarantee it will be a perfect match. Please use our suggestion as a general guide and choose the color YOU feel is closest.

For best results, please use the “LOW” or “MEDIUM” size setting on your phone or camera. Please take a photo from 4-5 feet away in good lighting avoiding direct sunlight. Please check the photo to make sure it is a GOOD representation of the leather ACTUAL color before submitting your photo. Tip: If your leather has faded over time, it is best to take a photo of an area that best represents as close as possible, the “original” factory (when new) color. The original “unfaded” color can usually be found in areas that have not been exposed to sunlight (under a cushion or side of cushion). Our colors have been developed from our many years of professional leather restoration services (est. 1898) and work with 96% of all of the most common leather colors. Fading is gradual and changes over time, it is best to match your color to the original color of your leather.

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*please note, we limit the file size of your photo to 4MB. Attempting to upload large file sizes (large photos taken at high resolution) can cause your browser to freeze. This is usually caused by the limitation of internet connection, computer / device or the actual browser itself and not the limitation of our servers. Please use the "low setting" on your camera or smart phone camera. One photo is usually enough.

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