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Clean, Repair and Restore your Leather Furniture and Garments to New Condition – Yourself!

We are leather cleaning and leather restoration specialists. With over 100 years’ experience in the industry we have mastered the art of leather repair and leather refinishing. Now, the same professional-grade leather cleaning and leather repair products that we developed and use in our specialized facility, are now available online! They are NOT sold in stores, you are dealing DIRECTLY with us. Products designed and created by us, to our exact specifications. Our leather cleaning products and leather dye repair kits are truly the best leather repair kits available and are made of the highest quality materials in the industry. We offer 52 of the most popular leather touch up dye colors that are compatible with over 96% of the most popular leather dye colors.

In our history, we have tested hundreds of leather cleaners, leather repair kits, leather repair fillers, leather conditioners, leather dye products and leather protectors. 98% of the leather care products available today for the consumer market are “creams, oils and waxes” or “hybrid shoe polishes”. These products wipe on the leather and look great for the short term, however many of these products do not cure or dry properly, leaving the surface sticky and attracting more dirt (they can even come off on your clothing). 90% of all the leather furniture that we restore professionally have damages directly caused by the overuse of leather creams, waxes, potions, lotions and cheap leather cleaners. These damages include: excessive soiling (sticky surface from oils, creams and waxes), damage to protective coating (excessively rubbing oils into the topcoat) compromises the protective coatings ability to resist. Ultimately the overuse of these products build up and stiffen the skin, causing wear and cracking of the leather (like a WAX BUILD UP!). Leather should be cleaned with minimal wear to the protective coating. Leather products should not leave a sticky residue. Leather dyes and protectors should bend and flex at the same rate as the leather – otherwise the finish will crack or peel.  There are many horror stories in the leather industry – the reason? – there are too many cheap incompatible: leather dye products, protectors, creams, waxes and leather cleaners on the market today – some not even designed for leather! – just relabeled!

Imagine if you could clean, touch up and protect your leather furniture or leather items to new or like new condition?  With our leather products and easy instructional YouTube videos we can make that happen. We are leather cleaning and restoration specialists, it’s all that we do.  Our leather care products are made of the highest quality materials in the industry designed and created by us, to our exact specifications. Our leather care products produce maximum results with minimal effort.

Cleaning and Restoring Leather to New – it’s what we do – Since 1898!

Please visit our “Testimonials” page to see REAL results achieved with our products directly from our customers! https://www.leathertouchupdye.com/best-leather-repair-kits-testimonials/