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We are proud of the results our customers have achieved using our leather repair products. We continually strive for the very best in customer service and for the best results possible. On occasion, our customers share their overall experience and results with us. Here are a few words and before and after pictures from our valued customers…

  • I have a pair of old, tired (use to be black) leather swivel chairs that I use to Love. They are extremely comfortable and I never wanted to part with them. But, the color turned a purplish faded color, and they looked awful. So after 10 years, I thought I was going to sell them at the garage sale this year. I found your product online, (Facebook I believe) and thought, what can I lose, I'll give it a try. I'm SO GLAD I did. These chairs have a whole NEW LIFE! I went with a dark brown instead of the original black they were, because it would go better with my decor. They look amazing!! The pictures really don't do them justice, because in person, they look even better if that's possible. I followed your online instructions to a T, and it was a simple, painless process. All I can say is WOW! thank you for saving my favorite chairs and giving them a new life. LOVE LOVE LOVE your product. I can't say enough good things about Leathertouchupdye.com!! EXCELLENT!!

    – Cheryl Garrett

  • Your product is absolutely wonderful! My leather sofa, chair and ottoman were so faded and dry looking that I was tempted to buy new furniture. They were a rich dark blue when they were new. After 18 years in a very bright room they were (as you can see) now a light grayish blue and very dry looking. Now they are very soft to the touch. They are not the exact shade of blue but still so much better than before. I would recommend this product to anyone who has leather.

    – Mary Lou Kling

  • I was about ready to trash my couch until I saw one of your videos on YouTube. I wasn't getting my hopes up because every product I've tried didn't work. I figured it was worth a shot before I went out and bought new furniture. I'm really glad I did! This product was easy to use and my couch looks new again! Thank you so much.

    – Rebecca Keene

  • Just a quick note to let you know that the repairs to my leather chair are complete and I'm very happy with the results. I used the small filler/repair kit and then the medium custom dye kit. The custom dye you mixed for me matched perfectly and the repairs are invisible! Your team provided me with the information that gave me the confidence to do the repairs on my own and it worked out very well indeed.

    – Sandy Carter

  • I'm so very happy with the results with your products. I was able to take a once beautiful Knoll Pfister set with gorgeous aniline leather that was horribly sun faded and rejected by the Goodwill back into a stunning set of furniture.

    – Nicholas Leo

  • I have to admit that I was skeptical. My cream colored sofa is less than 2 years old and made of high quality Italian leather. We have two cats that have left scratches over the entire sofa just from jumping on and off it.The color guide made it very easy to select a dye that matched and it was so easy to apply. I am thrilled with the results! My sofa looks new again! I highly recommend this product!

    – Caroline Franz

  • Just wanted you to know how much I love your products! Did our Natuzzi couch and chair a year and a half ago and they still look great!

    – Harry Hurst

  • I came across a very old, sad and neglected wing back leather armchair. I researched and watched videos. I liked your products and videos the best. I am simply amazed at the makeover. She is comfortable and I love her!

    – Sandra S. Australia

  • I bought and used this on my navy blue lazy-boy leather recliner. It was exactly as shown. I repaired it several years ago so I didn't have to replace the chair. A product well worth it. 5 stars from me on it!

    – Mary Lai

  • I was skeptical even after reading other testimonials and seeing the YouTube videos. It really was as easy an application as the videos showed. I only ordered the medium size kit in case it didn't work for us. The medium size re-dyed the seats of our large sectional. I ordered more dye to go over some areas and also re-dye the back cushions. It even covered up cat scratches along the bottom edge of the sectional! Photo 1: What the seat cushions looked like with the filler applied to the cracked area. You can see how terribly faded they were. Photo 2: After the first application to the seat cushions only using an 8 oz bottle of dye. Photo 3: Finally, the finished piece! This project saved us thousands of dollars to replace the sectional... thank you for a great product!

    – Barb S.

  • I bought and used this on my navy blue lazy boy leather recliner. It was exactly as shown. I repaired it several years ago so I didn't have to replace the chair. A product well worth it. 5 stars from me on it!

    – Mary L.

  • Before and after of my Mission Style recliner!

    – Mark G.

  • I had real leather furniture that had cat scratches all over and was "cream" in color. By looking at the available colors on the Website, I got Light Beige-A on the Website to match my leather. However, it turned out to be too light. I decided to contact the seller who advised me to send back the dye with a swatch from my leather. They checked and advised that Light Beige-B was much closer. After I had received the Light Beige-B dye, I gave it a try and it turned out to be the best dye I had ever seen! It restored my furniture to as new condition (look and feel). The dye is of professional grade and the videos and instructions really help you master the craft! I still can't believe my eyes every time I look, feel, or sit on my furniture after I had dyed it. Thank you LeatherTouchupDye.com!

    – Mohamed E. G.

  • I just wanted to say thank you for such an awesome product, I picked up a 2001 BMW M5 with some dry, scratched and beat up leather and your leather dye kit not only fixed my leather but literally made it look brand new again! I'm beyond excited dash, seats, door panels, you name it, your dye fixed it! Thanks again!

    – Jimmy C.

  • Hi just got the dye, it's perfect! Just like your YouTube video. My Maserati seats are like new! Thanks for your help!

    – John Scillieri

  • I just repaired a leather wing back recliner. The arm you use to push back to recline was worn and had ripped into about a 4" hole. This was originally an expensive recliner I did not want to replace, not because of the cost, but because this was my dad's chair and he has since passed. It is a chair of memories and now can remain just that thanks to this product.

    – Sandy S.

  • First let me tell you the color you selected was spot on. The results were beyond my expectations. I wished I had taken a before picture to let you see what a fantastic job it did. The sofa was bought on Craigslist for $200.00 and was very faded from the sun and the one seat cushion looked like it was pawed and scratched by a lion! Fortunately, I found your YouTube videos and it just came out perfect!! It's no longer rough or bumpy, it's as smooth as if it came out of the "showroom". I just wanted to thank you so much for this wonderful product, but also for the "YouTube" videos. You made my day, no, you made my family room a real showpiece. Thank you!

    – Sara J.

  • Hi Guys, I meant to write earlier to let you know how GREAT my couch looks after using your product - the maroon brown was perfect. Here are a few pics of the repair of the dog scratches on the couch. I’m not the best photographer, but the results were really fantastic. I am very glad you helped me take the plunge and order your product because it made my expensive furniture its life back.

    – Mary Schreitmueller

  • Thank you so much for assisting me with choosing a color for my leather chairs. The color you sent was as near perfect as I could possibly hope for. The products are amazing. I did a couple of patches and fixed the arms that were severely cracked. They came out great!

    – Vicki B.

  • The side of the chair!

    – Angie Hill

  • Hello, You people are awesome! Wow! Great service and a product that works miracles. Fantastic. Our fading couch looks like new again. All with little effort by us. Thank you very much.

    – Peter Hart

  • Just wanted to say that I was pretty skeptical but gave it a shot and it came out far better than I expected! My 30+ year old couch looks almost new and will likely get many more years of comfort! Thanks for a great product. The picture shows a before and after split, the difference in color was due to lighting.

    – ‎Richard Fournier

  • I just had to write. I received the dye and kit on Thursday and was almost afraid to tackle the job and possible ruin my expensive furniture. I watched your YouTube videos a couple of times and started my first steps of cleaning and filling on Saturday. I finished up yesterday and the end result is everything as promised! The leather does lose its natural "marbled" effect because the dye is a solid color, but I don't mind because I had sections, such as my whole ottoman, that were very faded. The uniform newness of all the pieces makes it all worthwhile. I highly recommend this product to everyone for its ease and results. Thank you!

    – Denise Garrity

  • I took a gamble and ordered your product after viewing a video, I say gamble cause I am always skeptical. Well this time my gamble paid off!!! I am extremely pleased with your product!!! wish I had done before and after pics. It has done everything you claim!!!! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! Very happy, satisfied customer!

    – Sandy Thiess

  • Your company is extraordinary. Your service, products, instructions etc are all perfection. My favorite old recliner sofa looks like new...and it was so simple. Thanks! You saved us thousands of dollars and my old favorite! YOU GUYS ARE GOOD!

    – Fred Trust

  • Thank you, thank you, thank you! I received the leather dye color noted below and it has fixed the areas on our recliner that I thought we would just have to live with. You guys were awesome to work with!

    – Holly S.

  • The top is the before photo and the bottom is the finished product! I am amazed at how well this product worked!

    – Patrizia P.

  • I am very pleased with the results from my kit. Here are before and after pix of the driver's seat. I would recommend your product to anyone. Thanks!

    – Edward F.

  • I saw your product on YouTube and ordered some. I am so glad I did. It worked great. I was about to get rid of my couches and get new ones but I ordered the dye and my couches look like new. Thank you for a great product.

    – Laura D

  • I just wanted to thank you again for your recommendation on color and your products. I've managed to get our 10 yr old two couches and recliner looking brand new! My husband actually thought I'd bought new furniture! Thank you again!

    – Amy R.

  • Great product,I purchased your cleaner kit and it worked amazing, thanks!

    – Fred D.

  • This is just to say thank you for matching the color of the Dodge Magnum 2 weeks ago. It turned out great! See attached pics. Merci beaucoup!

    – Alassane S.

  • Thank you! Very impressed with your products. I have passed on my praises to my fellow pilots on the Commander Owners Group web page. I suspect you will be receiving a lot of calls. Thanks!

    – Paul Carey

  • I just used this on a badly damaged rust-colored leather chair and it worked just as easily as it did on the video. I will admit that I was skeptical, but the results were amazing.

    – Michael A.

  • I have dyed three leather Stressless chairs, two in a Caramel colour and one in a Light Grey, which you can see from my order history. The light grey was a Christmas present for my brother-in-law and he is very happy. All three started out creamy beige with damage to the arms, seats and head rests where the dye layer had worn away to the bare leather below. All three are transformed into looking like new chairs.

    I have also repaired and dyed the bolsters on my car’s leather seats (the light grey left over from the 3rd chair closely matches my car’s original colour, which was very good fortune). I started with practicing on black leather shoes and a belt with your Fast Fix product before tackling the chairs.

    The dye results have all been fantastic.

    I am also truly amazed at how well your leather cleaner works. I got started in this leather work because of my very first chair, a Stressless Vegas model in a light yellow colour leather, that was looking almost grey it was so dirty (I bought it 2nd hand, cheap; undamaged but quite filthy). I had tried cleaning the chair with some high tech cleaner and while it came a lot cleaner not all of the dirt would not come out of the leather – there were streaks of grey and I had resigned myself to having to re-dye the chair. However, this chair has never been re-dyed because when I used your leather cleaner the results were so fantastic that I realized very quickly that all I needed to do was apply the protector and the chair looks like new again. I might add that I am also relieved because this model has a lot of leather and it would take a long time and a lot of leather dye to cover it all.

    Looking forward to the next batch of your products and finishing off the next few projects.

    – Wes Yale

  • My dogs accidentally got flea medicine on our bonded leather couch and stained it. I tried a different brand leather conditioner/cleaner first but it did nothing. I purchased your leather repair dye kit for bycast and bonded leather and it worked great! Couch is looking back like new - thanks!

    – Heather D.

  • Just used this product on my cat scratches and looks like a brand new couch! Love the product!

    – Heidi W.

  • I just wanted to thank you for your informational videos posted on YouTube and your EXCELLENT products! - I recently finished a leather repair/ re-dye job and it turned out fantastic! Your videos and products really made the job simple and probably inspired me to even attempt to to do the job - The guy who does the videos is my new hero : )

    – Thad C.

  • I just used your product on my white leather couch after my dog scratched it up badly. It's not perfect, but it's SOOOO much better! Now we don't have to replace the couch.

    – Gabrielle D.

  • DONE !!! I am SO proud of myself! Quite an ambitious project, but it was worth it. Thank you for all your direction. These photos should help you promote your product.

    – Jacki G

  • Just wanted to share our before and after pics - thought you might like to see them.

    – Rob S.

  • I wanted to let you know how wonderful your product is. It was so easy to use and it resurrected my favorite
    leather furniture. The outcome was far better than I had excepted or hoped for.

    – A.F. Denck

  • Hi guys! I wanted to thank you so much! the color was perfect the products awesome and customer Service was superb. I wanted to send you photos of the couches they look brand new I am so pleased! I would recommend your product to anybody. Thank you again!

    – Teresa S.

  • Just wanted to share the before and after photos of the vintage Fritz Hansen Egg Chairs. The dye kit was easy to use and the chairs turned out great!!

    – Lisa Rosen

  • I wanted to write to you to let you know how impressed I am with your product. From the very beginning of the process of watching it on YouTube to discussing it on the phone with your representative to pick out the correct color and size of kit to purchase. Everyone was super friendly and informative. The video was very helpful in helping me to repair my leather couch. It didn’t take me long at all to complete it and it looks like a brand new couch now! I’ve attached some AFTER pictures for you to see for yourself how great it looks. Hopefully, you still have the BEFORE picture so you can see the difference. I will definitely pass this word along to any of my family or friends that need to repair their leather furniture.

    – Steve & Debbie Eberhardt

  • My before and after photos!

    – Eileen G.

  • Just wanted to share what I was able to do with your products and videos. Before Ivory, after dark brown. Amazing results!!

    – Debbie Greco Brugnoni

  • "I finally got my dye and the results are amazing! I LOVE THE WAY MY COUCHES TURNED OUT!! You have a great product. Thank you for all your help"

    – Irma Olide

  • Before and After your products!

    – Barbara Ayon

  • Hey Brant, Here are the final results from the use of your product on my club chairs. I will include before and after pictures.The chairs turned out phenomenal! The pictures really do not do them justice. FYI... I am the guy from Kentucky that you, not only advised, but also made a special instructional video especially for my chairs. This was several months ago and I apologize for taking so long to send this information but just wanted to thank you for everything and allow you to see the final product! Thanks again!

    – Michael White, Manchester, KY

  • Thank you for your quick response. I think it looks great with the one coat! I have referred your product to people already. It's great. I can't believe I put up with the faded sofa for so long. It could probably use another coat...but I'm waiting because it looks 100% better than it did...it was almost white in some areas! Thanks again. I can't stop looking at it! I wish I would have taken a before shot....darn!

    – Ann P.

  • I just wanted to update you on my couch repair. The kit arrived Friday. Referring to your wonderful YouTube video, I set to work. Took my time, worked slowly and carefully. I am *amazed and thrilled* with the result. Your video was fantastic, the product was very easy to work with and the end result is even more than I had hoped for. The color is spot on and I’ve got plenty of product left for any future repairs. (Photo attached).
    I’ve been searching for a fix for about 2 years, even ordered a different kit a while ago, but it was useless. I ran across your video recently and that, plus your answers to my email questions, was what convinced me to give this a try. Thank you, thank you, thank you !!! My couch looks as good as it did when it was delivered 15 years ago.

    – Winnie Clark, Columbus, NC

  • Hi there few words to tell you how great is the product.

    – Elie Hammou, Greenwich, CT

  • Hello, I just wanted to tell how you impressed I was with your product. We bought a durablend couch which peeled after a year. Warranty was useless and no fabric repair companies would take a chance and help us out. I watched your videos on you tube and decided to try it out myself. It was very easy, quick, and clean to apply the dye. We are very happy with the results and the durability! I have attached before and after pictures. Thank you!

    – Brittany Williamson, Redcliff, Alberta

  • So pleased with your product! All four of my sectional cushions looked like this from our dogs. Looks brand new! Thank You!

    – G. Kerstin, Illinois, U.S.A

  • Hello LeatherTouchupDye.com, Thank you for your help with the chairs. I was able to dab on the leather dye as you mentioned ( 4 coats of leather dye ) to get the below result. Many of the chairs have been saved with DRAMATIC improvements.

    – MadHatter2000

  • Thank you so much for your wonderful product... You fixed my couches and saved me from having to buy new ones. The pictures below is just with one session of 3 applications of Dye and 3 sealer. I am very impressed that it looks the way it does. Once again, good product and thank you!

    – P. Wade, Quebec, Canada

  • Let me start by saying the maroon dark brown C that you sent out was perfect!!! I cannot believe how well the furniture looks. I order the large and used it to cover a sofa, love seat huge chair, and ottoman. Many of the cushions were poorly faded to the point that they almost looked white. Despite this, the large kit covered, restored and blended everything nicely ... and I still have a little product left, in case I ever need to touch up. My husband and kids are in awe. I cannot wait to host Christmas dinner today! Your responsiveness through this whole process has been awesome. Your willingness to help me at the last minute with an error that I made is more than appreciated. Both your customer service and product are top notch! Please feel free to use my review in your testimonials. People simply need to know that this product does deliver.

    – WB, MD

  • I recently purchased your filler ,and dye kits,after watching your videos. My couch seats were worn ,cracked,and had two rips. I found the job was quite straight forward,and my experience was much like what I saw in the videos. Your products performed as advertised!...the end result was quite good,especially for a first time repair !...thank you!

    – Anthony D'Avino

  • I just received this product a few days ago and just repaired my sofa today. I must say I am so happy I purchased this!! I was going to spend 700$ on new sofas and decided to give this a try to save money. The color was spot on and I'm so pleased with the results!!! Just want to thank you guys this product is amazing!!!!

    – Delilah S.

  • First off I have to say WOW, this stuff is truly amazing, we could not be more pleased. Thank you for your great product.

    – Samantha S.

  • "Hello, we used your bycast leather repair kit in the Dark Brown-C color and it worked AMAZING!! My upholstery guy was amazed as well!! You have an AWESOME product! It fixed up the whole arm of the couch that was peeling badly. Thank You so much."

    – Michelle, Central Point, Oregon, USA

  • "I have used your product on my leather sofa and love seat and although I was unsure how this was going to turn out, I have to say that I am very happy with the results. I would recommend your company to anyone that is looking to bring back the colour and life to their leather products.

    – M. Voytechek, Sherwood Park, Alberta, Canada

  • Just want to thank you for all you help and assistance, Your stuff worked like magic!! Thanks

    – Moses H.

  • "Hello, we took a chance purchasing your leather dye kit in a dark brown colour. We have purchased leather dye kits before from another internet company with poor results. The repaired area wore off after a month. Your YouTube videos seemed easy enough and looking over your site you seem like you know what you are doing. WOW did they work for us as well!  Great product highly recommend."

    – R. Maclellan, Vancouver, BC

  • I did use your leather cleaner and in a word... it is "Fantastic"... (-: until your product, every other product that I've used is completely bogus! I have been spreading the "word" with friends and family. I am a believer!!!!
    PS...Hoping to refresh the car leather after this project is completed. Thank You!

    – Bill Poller

  • "Received your products and completed repairs to peeling couch cushion and ripped armrest. My husband who doubted your process, big time, was entirely impressed with the end results! After watching your YouTube videos, I had no problems making my 10 year old couch look new again! Thank you for your amazing products! I am a completely satisfied customer!"

    – Patricia Dietiker

  • I completed the transformation on my sofa over the weekend following your directions and it looks terrific. It was easy to do and looks very professional. I covered the entire loveseat once and the cushions and arms with the problems twice and that seemed to cover the damage, so thank you for a fine product and the instructions to do the job.

    – Julia J., CA

  • "I received this product very quickly once ordered. My leather couch was faded from the sun and scratched from my dogs jumping up and I though I'd try this route before investing in a new one. It looks like I have a new couch now I can't believe the results!! Would highly recommend this product!"

    – Rhonda Caldwell

  • Thanks for the great Product, our Sofa and Chair look just like new again. There was no Damage to the Leather just the Sun Damage, it took 3 Coats to have it back to the original colour (2 large 8oz Kits) well it was expensive but a new Sofa would have cost a lot more , Thanks again for the great Product. I am spreading the word too, we already had some of my Neighbors here to look and they where speechless , keep up the good work! PS. I had contacted a local Gentlemen to give me a quote on how to restore my Sofa, I had attached a couple of Photos too, the reply was that he may bring it back to 50 to 70% of the original colour with 5 coats, well I got it with 3 coats to 100% of the original colour. I'm 80 Years young and had no Problem doing the Job. thanks again!

    – Ernie & Tina Hahn

  • I have been hard at work using the products and it has been incredible! I am loving how easy it is to use and how beautiful everything is turning out. Your videos are well done, too. I feel like I have a new couch and love seat back! I've had it 14 years but it's taken a good beating since we had kids 10 years ago with most of the damage in the last 3 years. Thank you for your excellent videos, great customer service, and impressive product!

    – Jeannie Farnsworth, Arizona

  • Bought this product and used it on my couch. The finish was peeling off in a couple of places. No cracks on mine fortunately, so I didn't order the crack filler. Unbelievable how easy it was to use and how absolutely perfect it turned out. just like a new couch. I can't even tell where I did the repair.. Literally... And, I'm pretty fussy.

    – Mike Lockhart

  • I'm a believer!
    Hello, I had what I thought was a leather couch. I learned from your internet video that it was "bycast leather." This explains why when I tried to do a leather repair it didn't work. I had hesitated to buy your product because it seemed expensive compared to other items on the market. Well, I am thrilled that I decided to try it! This product really works! The results may not be perfect, but they are fantastic! I absolutely recommend this product to anyone who needs to do a repair to their "leather" furniture. Thank you!

    – Ann Mackey, Clifton, NJ

  • Amazing experience using your product. A year ago I found a rip in our bicast leather couch. I found a repair service that agreed to fix the rip but the price was steep. I bit the bullet and paid for the repair. I thought we were in the clear until a few months ago when I found more rips, cracking and peeling. I was heartsick and ready to sell the couch rather than pay what I knew would be an enormous price for repairs. Then I found your how-to videos and watched them all. For the cost of your repair and dye kit, I was able to fix all the problems with the couch (2 rips, cracking on 4 cushions and a large area of peeling) and repair a rip in another leather futon.And my repair kit contents are hardly used. My family who thought I was crazy when I placed the order is now speechless. The couch and futon look awesome. I wish I had taken before and after pix to share. Thank you, thank you for making me love my couch again. Thoroughly happy with the results.

    – Julie Findlay, Texas, USA

  • I am so thoroughly impressed with this product! I used the medium size kit in Dark Brown -C aniline renew to repair and restore a cat-clawed club chair. The results are astounding and the chair looks like new. I cannot believe how easy this was to do. I will be purchasing more for other projects.

    – C. Hayes La Mesa, California, USA

  • I'm in the process of dyeing my leather couch and love seat and it's looking great. I am very happy with your product. Thank you so much LeatherTouchupDye.com. This is actually fun!

    – D. Hansen, Arizona

  • I received my leather repair kit today. Did my couch and am loving the results. I have already referred people to you, hope you get lots of business.

    – P. Hawboldt, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

  • We had a dirty faded 24 year old aniline leather set. We followed your simple instructions and watched your instructional video. Hell, when we finished we could NOT believe the final results! Your products actually work as advertised. Our leather set looks beautiful! We are very impressed and will pass your company information on to others.

    – Keller, Texas, USA

  • We have used the Medium Brown Leather Dye on a bed we have, it was a perfect match and the bed looks stunning! Thanks, great product and great company to deal with. 5 Stars.

    – C. Smith Marina, del Rey, California

  • I just wanted to reach out to let you know I am extremely happy with the results of your products. My Ivory leather sectional had many awful looking scratches, age spots from wear, and just general ugliness from 8 years of use. Your product is fantastic! I tried it out of desperation, leather couches are expensive, and I am so very thankful! My couch looks new again!

    – Meg Nelson

  • Thank you for working with me to get the right color for my Explorer. I am thrilled with the results and my friends are now asking me if I am going into business!

    – Evelyn Bearden

  • I am a returning costumer. I just need a bit more dye. Your product is fabulous, my couches are having a great make over. They look like new! Thanks!

    – Patricia Caldera-Munoz