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Please read carefully:  (*Tip: hover or click over question marks “(?)” for additional information)

Please FILL IN THE FORM BELOW prior to sending back your dye for exchange so we have your request on file for processing when your wrong color dye is returned for exchange. ALL dye color exchanges require this information to process. We will gladly exchange the wrong/mismatched color bottle of dye with a bottle of the same dye type and size in an alternate color (?)*provided your replacement is one of our standard colors. If a custom color mix is required, an additional $25.00 custom mix fee will apply. at NO CHARGE plus $12.95 USD shipping ($28.95 USD Shipping if outside Canada or USA) (?)Your dye will be replaced at NO CHARGE, but we do need to charge for shipping to get your replacement shipped out to you! Please DO NOT send a cheque for shipping! we will send you an electronic invoice prior to shipping out your replacement dye. You simply follow the Pay Now link in the email to pay via our secure online checkout with your Visa or MasterCard. This invoice will be emailed to you before your replacement dye is shipped! for up to 30 days from the delivery date of your current dye order.

Returned bottle of mismatch color dye must have MINIMUM 75% dye remaining in the bottle to be accepted for exchange. *Please note, if your bottle of dye has been opened, dye exchange is limited to colors in the same or similar color range to replace a mismatched color. We cannot exchange your dye for an entirely different color. (Ex: exchange “grey” dye for “black” dye or exchange a “brown” dye for “red” dye etc). All returned dyes are thoroughly tested for abnormalities, consistency & integrity prior to being recycled in our system. We do not exchange custom colors.

*Please note: Returned dye must be sent back to us via UNITED STATES POST (if sending from the United States) or your country POSTAL service (if sending from outside the United States) with the package clearly marked “PRODUCT RETURN – NOT A SALE” with a declared value of NO GREATER THAN $20.  Please DO NOT send your wrong color dye back via any premium courier like UPS, FedEx, Purolator etc, or a declared value greater than $20 may incur brokerage fees. If a bottle of dye is returned for exchange due to wrong color, and you’re NOT sure which color you want to replace it with, we highly recommend supplying us with a swatch or sample of the leather (?)There may be a factory supplied sample under a cushion, or If you turn the couch/chair over, there will be a dust cloth stapled into place. If you remove a few of the staples and pull that dust cloth aside, you should see some excess leather from where the factory had stretched the leather over the frame and stapled it into place. You can almost always find some excess leather that you can snip a small piece from and send that. along with the returned bottle of dye.

Please fill out the form below, then send your wrong color dye (*bottle of dye only, do not ship the kit contents) to:
Exchange Dept.
258 King Street West
Hamilton, Ontario, Canada,
L8P 1A9

*Please INCLUDE your ORDER NUMBER with your return*

Please fill out the following form prior to sending us your bottle of wrong color dye


Full Name (Full name as is it appears in your order please)

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If Yes, please let us know what color you want to replace your current (wrong color) dye with by selecting the color below, otherwise please skip this field:

If you're not sure what color you want to exchange your current color for, Please INCLUDE a sample / swatch of your leather (?) along with your returned dye so we can determine best match. In the event your swatch does not match any of our standard colors, we can create a custom mix to match (there will be an additional $25 custom mix fee) we will inform you prior to shipping out your replacement.

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