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Q: I purchased a kit and just require a bit more dye. I still have enough sealer. Can I buy the dye separately?
A: Yes, providing you ordered our “Bonded/Bicast or Finished leather dye kit”, you can purchase a bottle of this dye separately. Please keep in mind, our Bonded/Bicast or Finished leather dyes are a “two step” process. In our Bonded/Bicast or Finished leather dye kits, you get a bottle of dye AND a bottle of sealer. If you still have some sealer remaining and require more dye for additional coats, you can order this dye individually. Please go to our dye re-order page here: https://www.leathertouchupdye.com/product/touch-up-dye-reorders/leather-dye/

*Please note, If you’ve previously ordered our “Antique / Aniline Renew” dye kit, these dyes are a “one step” process as the sealer is built into the formulation. Our Antique /Aniline renew dye product is “two products in one”. The “Antique / Aniline Renew” dyes are only sold as a “kit”, but please note, the contents of the kit are FREE so you only pay for the actual bottle of dye itself.

Q: Why do you sell leather conditioner?
A: Under certain environmental circumstances a conditioner is necessary. Dry or hot environments can dry leather out and a conditioner is required. Our Conditioner does not simply lay upon the surface, it is designed to penetrate. Whatever residual film if any that is on the surface is designed to cure and protect the leather. Our conditioner will not attract more dirt because the surface will be dry instead of being sticky. We only recommend the use of our conditioner once a year or whenever needed.

Q: What is the difference between your leather sealer and leather protector?
A: The leather sealer is made to bond and cure on top of the applied dried leather dyes. If the leather dyes are not sealed in – dye transfer can occur. The leather protector should be applied after cleaning to provide extra protection and aid in future cleanings. Spray sealer and protector evenly on sponge and wipe into leather surface.

Q: I just placed my order, how long will my order take to arrive?
A: Delivery times vary depending on your geographical location. Our default “flat rate” shipping option “*UPS Standard 4-8 Day shipping” averages 4-8 business days (USA & Canada) delivery. International orders (outside USA & Canada) can average 8-10 business days. International orders may be held up in customs which may add to the overall estimated delivery times. *Please note, delivery times are estimated and can vary depending on many factors beyond our control. We do our best to get your order to you as quickly as possible, but these estimated delivery times are NOT GUARANTEED and we cannot be held responsible for delayed shipments.

*Orders with a P.O. box address must be shipped via United States Postal Services (United States) and Canada Post (Canada) and may take slightly longer to arrive.

Q: Are your products flammable or corrosive?
A: All of the leather repair products are of the highest quality WATER based technology. There are no solvents, flammable or corrosive materials present in any of our products. There are no harsh odors or vapors to cause you concern or discomfort. Clean up is as simple – wash up with warm soapy water.

Q: We used your products and they worked great! We took some before and after pictures and would like to send them to you. What e-mail address can we send them too?
A: We LOVE when our customers are proud to share their accomplishments with us! Please visit our “Submit Your Testimonial” page here: leathertouchupdye.com/submit-your-testimonial to send your before and after pictures or any type of feedback – including Video Testimonials (that would be great!!) and thank you so much for your business!

Q: I’m applying the dye but it looks like a “different” color than what I ordered.
A: It is VERY IMPORTANT that the dyes be SHAKEN WELL prior to application. SHAKE WELL and this will solve the issue. Tip: test the color of the dye on a small area first and dry before applying all over the leather.

Q: I received my order and it appears the color does not match. What can I do?
A: If the color dye you chose does not match, we first recommend applying a SMALL amount of dye in an area that is not faded and worn that still represents the actual “factory new” color of your leather. If you apply your dye to an area that has faded and oxidized, is worn or discolored, the “new” dye may not appear to be correct. it is important to test the color in an area that has not faded so you compare the color to the ACTUAL color of the leather prior to fade (on the side of a cushion, the back where it hasn’t been exposed to use or light). After checking the color this way and it still does not match, please visit our color exchange form and follow the instructions carefully: leathertouchupdye.com/exchange.
*Please note, if you’ve applied the dye on large portions of your leather or used more than half the volume of dye, we can only assume you are happy with your color.

Q: If I email you a photo of my leather, will you be able to determine which color I should order?
A: If you send us a clear photo (it is best to set to quality level to “medium” at most on your camera or smartphone so the photos aren’t overly large file size) best taken from 4-5 feet away in good lighting (but not direct sunlight) and taken with a sunny window (if exists) behind you making sure the photo is a GOOD representation of the actual color, we can do our best to help you decide color choice. Please visit leathertouchupdye.com/help-choose-color to submit a photo of your leather. *Please note, although we do our best to suggest dye color from supplied photos, because of some limitations from digital media / photos (including potential under exposure, over exposure, blurriness, reflections, shadows, low light, too much light, camera setting etc). We can’t guarantee the color we recommend will be a perfect match. Please use our recommendation as a guide and choose the color YOU feel is closest.

Q: Do you offer or do you accept any coupon codes for discounts on your leather repair products?
A: No. All of our prices are already heavily discounted on our website. If you find a coupon code online claiming to be from us, or claiming to be valid to use on our website, they will not be accepted. These are “spam” websites offering fraudulent coupons to gain ad impressions and are NOT offered from us.

Q: I looked at your quick color chart and I think my leather is a unique color as it doesn’t seem to match any of your standard colors. Can you create a custom color mix if I can supply you with a sample or swatch of my leather?
A: Yes! Custom color mixes are by far the best way to achieve a great match if you can send us a sample / swatch of your leather. If the cushions are removable, it’s very common for the manufacturer to supply a sample/swatch of leather stitched into the frame under a cushion. If the cushions are not removable, it’s very likely you can obtain a sample of the leather from under the bottom of your couch/chair behind the (usually black) dust cloth attached to the bottom. If you pull one corner of the dust cloth away, there is usually some excess leather from where the manufacturer pulled the leather over the frame and stapled it into place. You can usually snip a small piece from there. For automotive, you may find some excess leather from under a seat, or you can send us a small trim panel or headrest that we can send back to you along with your order. Custom color mixes are an additional $25.00 USD. We keep a “dry” copy of your mix on file. Future orders are subject to the the $25.00 custom mix fee as the mix has to be created again from the dry copy on file.

Q: Can I apply other manufacturers dyes on top of your leather filler or mix other products with yours?
A: We highly recommend NOT applying any other manufacturers dyes on our leather filler or mixing ANY OTHER manufactures products with ours. All of our products are formulated to be fully compatible with each other and are totally unique to anything else on the market. Our products are state of the art water based technology and many products on the market contain solvents, oils and waxes that can negatively affect the performance of our products.

Q: I am not located in the United States or Canada, are there any other additional fees associated with my order?
A: Yes. Items in your order that are designated for shipment to countries outside of Canada and the U.S. may be subject to taxes, customs duties and fees levied by the destination country (“Import Fees”). The recipient of the shipment is the importer of record in the destination country and is responsible for all Import Fees. If international orders are refused due to destination country duties and brokerage fees, your order will be abandoned and will not be refunded. Please see in the “shipping” section on checkout and/or in the shipping section of your order confirmation email.

Q: We used your cleaner, it’s great at removing soil but it’s removing the color of our couch where we sit! 
A: Yes, this can happen. Our leather cleaner is specifically made to be strong enough to remove soil and stains on leather without damaging the factory protective topcoats on new or used leather. If the color is being removed by the cleaner, your protective topcoat has been removed by normal wear or other cleaning products that were too strong. Try cleaning the back or side of the couch where you would normally NOT make contact with the leather. You will notice the color will not be removed in those areas because the protective topcoat is still intact. If the color is being removed, your protective topcoat has been compromised! A leather dye repair kit may be necessary to reapply the color. We recommend our “Cleaning and Protection” kit to effectively clean and re-protect your couch. *Adding a new protective topcoat with our leather protector every 8-12 months will ensure the strength of your leather finishes and keep your leather looking like new for a very long time!

Q: I received my order and its frozen!
A: Yes, this happens on occasion in cold climates and the leather repair kits are NOT ruined! It is possible that when the liquid products expand due to freezing they could break the safety seal and leak. However we do fill the bottles with enough room for expansion from freezing and they should not leak. Simple let your products thaw to room temperature – shake the dyes well to get the proper mix of color.

Q: Why are your prices in U.S. Dollars?
A: We sell products worldwide and charge U.S currency to all of our customers. The pricing of our products have been greatly reduced to reflect the differences in exchange rates.

Q: I placed my order and received my “order shipped” confirmation email with my tracking number. We just decided to buy new leather furniture so we won’t need our order. Can I just refuse delivery so my order gets returned by the shipper?
If your needs change and you no longer need your order but it has already been shipped, we recommend you accept the delivery, then contact us via our contact page to so we can give you instructions on how to send your your order back. Refusing delivery could incur high shipping & processing fees from the shipper and / or could incur customs / duties charges / fees which would have to be deducted form your refund. These fees can be eliminated with proper return methods.